• Rhubarb Leaf


    9.5in X 8in. - color- Albany Slip Brown

    Hand Picked Rhubarb Leaves are pressed into the clay one at a time so each one is its own unique piece. These Rhubarb Leaves come from my families garden, my great grand mothers plant! This plant moved allover the country during my families time in the U.S. Air Force. each time they would take a part and leave some behind for the next family.

    Measurements are listed __ in. X __ in. 

    This is length from tip of leaf to stem cut off. (not including any over lapping of leaf shape) by the average width of piece. 

    Some are more of a bowl others are better described as a plater.

    - Each piece of pottery is hand made in Southern Maine. These pieces are designed to be similar enough to become part of a set but each are beautifully unique on their own. Due to the nature of hand made pottery expect slight differences in size, shape and glaze. 

    - Commercial glazes, to ensure food safety

    - Pieces are designed to be dishwasher, microwave, oven, and food safe, however, because of their unique structure and help make your new pottery last it is recommended that they be hand washed.