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About Me

My Background


I was very fortunate to go to a high school that allowed me to work in many different mediums. 

I had intended to be a chef when I grew up, but after sitting at a pottery wheel freshman year I knew this was it for me.  I had my first show and was doing commissioned artwork junior year.

My Medium

Maine in the raw.  Sterling silver pendent.

Mediums with an S not just one!  If you have met me in person or seen me at any show you know it's not just Pottery or jewelry. I draw, I paint, I crochet an knit, I quilt, I build things.  I've never restricted myself to just one medium however day today my regular business is pottery, jewelry and commissioned portrait drawings

My Inspiration


A bit of anything in any day can be inspiring the rhubarb leaf series for example stems from making strawberry rhubarb pie growing up with my family.

The pottery, the jewelry the art I make, anything that I create it's just part of me.